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This flute is unique and one of a kind.  When my grandpa planted Indian corn in his garden of 2007, he didn't imagine it would end up on the internet.  When I saw it, I was impressed as to how tall and big the plant was.  I asked him if I could have the plant and maybe make a flute out of it.   

Having experience using sunflower stalks for flutes, made the process much easier to work with the corn.  This flute is in the key of E, made out of the bottom half of the corn stalk.  It has a piece of Bamboo inlay for the sound chamber, Purple Heart and Yellow Herart rings and Myrtle wood end caps.  The fetish itself is made from the kernels of the Indian corn. 

The following year I collected over 150 Indian corn stalks, and out of all those, I was able to make only one additional Indian corn flute.  It was a lot of work for just one flute, but well worth the time and effort.  I've been researching several varieties of corn plants and have plans on making more flutes out of this plant in the near future; with a little bit of luck I should have some available by spring of 2011.   

On the Photos page, there is a picture of this same flute with a smaller flute which is the second Indian Corn flute I've made.

Well, it has been a tough year in the garden, but I managed to grow this variety of corn which I'm hoping will work out for flute making.  So far they look good, but they didn't quite grow as big as they should have.  These plants got as high as 14 feet, but they should have been closer to 20 feet tall.  I didn't have as much luck with the other varieties.  In fact, one variety cost me $5 a seed, so I only bought 4 of those, but only one out of the four seeds grew.  It was doing great, growing strong, but after it reached about 3 feet tall, it was infected with a fungus which rotted the whole stalk.  Out of the 5 different varieties of corn I planted, the ones on the pictures are all of the same type. 

This are my latest corn stalk flutes.  So far I've only been able to make 4 of them, but have a few more stalks to work with.