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When I became involved with the Native American Flute, I was researching online, and came across a paragraph stating that the Cherokees made flutes out of the sunflower stalks.  I had the following sunflower plant growing  in my front yard, and decided to experiment with the idea; making my first sunflower flute December of 2005.  Since then I've made several more flutes out of sunflowers, but my favorite flute of all has been the very first one.

This is my favorite flute made from the above sunflower plant.  Nothing fancy, but the sound and beauty are amazing.  Since my first one, I found different ways of working with the sunflower stalks, and consequently they have evolved somewhat in style and look.  

Sunflower flutes in the making.  You can't just go to a hardwood type store and order sunflower stalks for making flutes.  Each flute I've made began as a tiny seed, and as they grow, I try to take care of all of them because you just don't know which one of those seeds will grow into a beautiful Sunflower Flute.

I got maybe 20 flutes out of all of these stalks!

                                   Sunflower Stalk Flutes

Key of E Sunflower Stalk Flute.  Walnut inlay sound chamber, Purple Heart and Yellow Heart end caps and Bolivian Rose wood for the sunflower block.  $320

This two flutes are my latest sunflower flutes.  The top one; with the exception of the leather strap, is made completely out of sunflower.  Both are in the key of B and are approximately 12 inches long.